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About Us

Black Pearl is a full-service, boutique interior design agency specialising in high-end residential, commercial and hospitality projects. The Black Pearl team offer personalised and professional design solutions which are evident from the inception of each project through the design, layout and decorating process.

With more than 50 years of combined interior design experience, Black Pearl strives to maintain a balance between affordable aesthetics and functionality. Black Pearl pushes creative boundaries in ways which redefine traditional aesthetics and design.

Our Latest Project


Our Services

Our client-focused approach ensures that we visualize and interpret the needs & requirements of our diverse client base.

Our work reflects an enduring commitment to exceed client expectations whilst meeting all time & budgetary requirements.

We transform the spaces we design by working with skilled and qualified contractors to bring your vision to life.

Our distinctive approach to property management allows for total peace of mind.

We approach each design opportunity as a blank slate, adding in layers of texture and tones through the procurement of timeless and modern pieces.

Our services include working alongside talented architects and builders throughout the blueprint stage and construction to ensure detailed project oversight.

The Team

This partnership is a wonderful intense mix of meticulous, discipline and intellectually charged perfectionism. With an utmost respect for one another they have successfully completed numerous exclusive projects.

Lara Laurenz

Lara’s passion for interior design originates from her deep involvement in the arts. As a dedicated student of the arts, Lara has channeled her creative energy into fostering connections with like-minded thinkers and artists who constantly push the boundaries of creation and design. Together, they collaborate to craft one-of-a-kind pieces tailored to the discerning tastes of their clients.

With an impressive background spanning three decades in the design and decorating industry, Lara has developed into a forward-thinking designer and visual communicator. Her extensive experience encompasses prestigious projects of global acclaim, providing her with invaluable exposure to the world of design on an international scale. Furthermore, Lara’s involvement in the manufacturing and retail aspects of exclusive furnishings adds depth to her expertise.

Approaching each project as an exhilarating journey, Lara recognizes the unique vision and requirements of every client. By deeply understanding their individual briefs, she ensures a personalized and exceptional experience for each undertaking.


Sonja Theart

Sonja’s deep connection to the ocean, fostered by her upbringing near its shores, has greatly influenced her profound love and respect for the outdoors. This innate appreciation for the natural flow of scenes and the vibrant colors found in nature has ignited her passion for the world of decorating. She constantly finds herself captivated by the meticulous beauty of these natural settings and endeavors to recreate similar effects within interior spaces, resulting in stunning and harmonious environments that surpass her clients’ expectations.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the architectural, design, and decor industry, Sonja has garnered an impressive breadth of knowledge and expertise. Her career trajectory has been marked by a remarkable privilege: spending the last 15 years as part of one of the world’s most renowned architectural, design, and decor firms. This invaluable experience has instilled in her an unwavering commitment to attention to detail at the highest level, always striving for perfection and unwavering client satisfaction.

Carmen-lee Laurens

Carmen’s journey started in the fashion industry as a makeup artist, where she discovered her profound passion for design, colour, and textures. Working backstage at fashion weeks and collaborating with renowned designers, she witnessed first-hand the transformative power of design, which sparked her curiosity for the broader realm of artistic expression.

Drawing inspiration from her experiences in the fashion world. Her unique perspective allows her to infuse interiors with drama and sophistication, creating an atmosphere that both excites and captivates.

Today, Carmen’s work stands as a testament to her passion and the seamless connection she has forged between the fashion and interior design industries. With each project, she continues to push boundaries and redefine the possibilities of design, leaving a lasting impression on those who experience it.

Marilee Muller

Marilee, an accomplished interior designer with a profound appreciation for the intricate wonders of the world, has spent the past decade helping to transform spaces into captivating works of art. From a young age, her love for animals, nature, and architecture fueled her passion to create unique and inspiring designs. Marilee’s journey as an interior designer has been marked by unwavering dedication, creative flair, and an unyielding commitment to turning spaces into stunning masterpieces.